Teeth Whitening London Price

How much does laser teeth whitening cost?

Costs of treatments are based upon a number of factors which include the service provided, who the treatment is being carried out by, the materials used, facilities and the aftercare service. All these factors combined culminate in the results achieved and service provided.

Outstanding Service

Our aim is simple, to provide a truly 5 Star client experience. The ultimate in individual, specialist and personalised cosmetic dental treatments in a luxurious, warm and friendly environment. This approach extends to how we perform clinically, how we treat our clients, in our appearance, our manner and all with humility and a desire to do our very best.

Our Practitioners

Our standards of clinical excellence are achieved by providing a highly qualified and caring team of dentists and dental professionals.

Facilities & Materials

We use the very latest, most sophisticated, teeth whitening equipment at our dental clinic, which means we can guarantee both safety and great, long lasting results. All treatments are carried out at our specially designed and immaculately presented luxurious facility based in the heart of central London, providing a truly unique experience.

Aftercare Service

On the completion of all treatments an examination of results are carried out and then verified, confirmed and recorded. A detailed professional aftercare and maintenance service is provided ensuring results are maximized well into the future.