Teeth Whitening in Central London

There are many places to get teeth whitening in London. Not all of them are as reputable as the respected Harley Teeth Whitening. Our Teeth Whitening clinic is a comfortable and modern dental clinic located in the heart of central London.

The best way to get really white teeth is with professional laser teeth whitening but you can also get home teeth whitening kits. Some patients prefer to combine these two methods for really strong results. Anyone with healthy gums can safely have their teeth whitened although pregnant women may wish to read this post first.

If you are searching for teeth whitening in central London then you will find nothing better than our simple three step treatment.

  • Step 1 – Your teeth are cleaned with a preparatory activator then coated with a bleaching agent.
  • Step 2 – We apply a mouth guard then shine a high energy halogen light on your teeth which activates the bleach without damaging your teeth.
  • Step 3 – After exposure to the light for a quarter of an hour, you are free to leave with a whiter smile.

The entire process, including a free consultation, is usually over within an hour, making it a quick and easy solution for your dental beauty concerns. You could even have the whole process done in your lunch break. Get in touch with us through this site to arrange professional teeth whitening in Central London.