does teeth whitening hurt

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

The short answer is no! At Harley Teeth Whitening, the pain free process is performed by an experienced professional. Our qualified professionals use their skills and experience to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Teeth whitening would only hurt if it were performed by an unqualified or inexperienced person at a less reputable clinic.

There are some very rare instances when clients who are prone to everyday tooth sensitivity can experience some mild sensitivity after a teeth whitening treatment. For this reason, if you have sensitive teeth then we recommended you visit your regular dentist for a dental health check up before proceeding.

All of the team at Harley Teeth Whitening have participated in a thorough training programme to ensure the highest proficiency in the cosmetic teeth whitening process. We pride ourselves on a safe, comfortable and effective pain-free service that leaves clients with whiter teeth and winning smiles. The professional clinic with a relaxed atmosphere in the heart of London is a big part of what makes our clients feel at ease. Customers are frequently singing our praises.

Everything was explained to me in detail and I felt totally comfortable during my treatment. Now I have gorgeous white teeth too!’ Tina Raval

Rather than jumping right into the treatment, we offer our customers a free consultation, with no obligation to proceed. During this consultation you can ask any questions you might have and the qualified dental professional will address your concerns and advise you accordingly. You can book a consultation through this site today and arrange for the quick, easy and pain-free procedure to brighten your smile.