Celebrity Influence on Teeth Whitening Trends

Social media, the constant exposure to news stories and celebrity updates, and the vast comparisons that plague media sites and social channels have created a world where we are consistently told what we should be trying to look like. Whether it’s fashions or figures, lifestyle choices or holiday destinations, the role of celebrities in shaping what is on trend, in demand, and popular among regular consumers is incredible. 

One of those trends that is constantly under the public gaze is the aesthetics behind a smile – notably how white someone’s teeth are.

In this blog, we’re looking at celebrity influence on teeth whitening trends – both in terms of boosting demand for the treatment, and then in influencing where and how people whiten their teeth. 

The role of celebrities in boosting demand for teeth whitening

You only have to scroll through Instagram for 10 seconds to unlock the role of influencers and celebrities in the increasing demand for teeth whitening. Every single celebrity and influencer profile sports big smiles with gleaming white teeth – and whether they are genuinely that white, or illuminated by a filter, doesn’t seem to matter. The point is, their smiles are white and their followers see that, subsequently associating that gleaming white smile with a beauty standard that they should follow. 

This dates back well beyond the dawn of social media, to the days of 1920’s Hollywood stars who brought their white smiles onto the big screen and the red carpet. 

Even modern wellness influencers and dating gurus, who claim that the most beautiful part of a person is their smile, are drawing attention and feeding the desire to showcase a white smile that is worthy of showing off. 

And it’s this that really highlights the role that celebrities play in emphasising the desire for teeth whitening among consumers of all ages. By constantly showing bright white smiles, on social media, on the big and small screens, and in countless magazines and news articles, consumers see and start to covet those same gleaming white teeth.

Which is where the next stage of celebrity influence comes in, by introducing consumers and social media users to different methods of whitening. 

Whitening product influencers and their role on social media

Social media is one of the best places for businesses that want to bridge a direct connection with their followers, with influencer marketing and other forms of advertising. 

Whether it’s an A-list celebrity or a popular social media influencer, having someone with a large presence showcasing a product is great for business – and is one of the reasons why so many recognisable faces are used on the cover of whitening product campaigns specifically. 

Whether or not these portrayals are accurate is questionable. Most celebrities and influencers who help to advertise and market whitening products likely have experience of using the product – however, what is not disclosed is any other whitening treatment that they have had done to supplement and bolster the results. All social media and online campaigns must be marked as an ad according to advertising standards – but what this doesn’t tell followers and consumers is whether the product is actually responsible for the users’ white teeth. It also does nothing to highlight the difference between white teeth and healthy teeth

From a marketing perspective though, the impact of this kind of connection between product and celebrity is huge. Celebrities and influencers need only share an image or testimonial relating to a whitening or other product, and consumers will flock to find, buy, and try it for themselves. 

The best teeth whitening options available in 2024

Let’s be honest, some of the at-home whitening kits and products that celebrities help to advertise are not top of the range when it comes to results. While some at-home kits can offer some degree of success in lightening the colour of your teeth, for the most part these kits are not strong enough to elicit really obvious transformations. The most popular kits include moulds that are lined with whitening gels, whitening strips that are used to cover the teeth, and even whitening toothpastes.

It’s important to note here that, even if a product lists an effective whitening agent on its ingredients list, the content of that active ingredient is unlikely to be high enough to provide a clear whitening effect. This is largely because of the safety risks involved in selling bleaching products on the high street. 

That’s why, when it comes to the best teeth whitening options, nothing compares to a professional treatment. Professional teeth whitening is a process that is conducted by a dentist at an approved clinic, with the most popular method in 2024 being the use of laser technology for whitening.

During the session, your dental professional will first apply an activating gel to the teeth for a thorough clean, before covering them in a whitening agent. A blue spectrum LED laser is then directed onto the surface of the teeth for bursts of between 20 and 30 minutes at a time, breaking down and lifting any stains that have affected the extrinsic and intrinsic colour of the teeth. The complete session typically lasts for around an hour, delivering instant results to the client. 

Following treatment itself, thorough aftercare is needed to ensure the durability of whitening results – spanning good oral hygiene, thorough cleaning and flossing, regular check-ups with the dentist, and a healthy approach to diet and lifestyle. 

Is teeth whitening right for you?

So, is teeth whitening something that you have been considering as a result of celebrity influence in the media or on social channels?

If so, it’s worth noting that teeth whitening can be a safe and effective way of increasing your self-esteem and confidence, provided you opt for a professional treatment through your dentist.

At-home treatments are often not as tightly regulated, which can lead to mixed results and potential sensitivity – not to mention, the results won’t be nearly as successful or as long-lasting. 

To find out more about teeth whitening, get in touch with your dentist today, so that they can let you know about availability, pricing, and more.