benefits of whiter teeth

3 Benefits of Whiter Teeth

If you have yellow or grey teeth then you may be concerned about your appearance. Of course the condition can be successfully treated at Harley Teeth Whitening Clinic, but if you’re still unsure about it then read through these 3 benefits of whiter teeth.

1. More Confident at Work

If you’re hiding your teeth and smile at work, you may be unconsciously giving off social cues that make people perceive you as weak and timid. Seeing your teeth shining white in the mirror will give you the confidence to shine in the office. This could result in major financial gains in the long run.

2. More Attractive

Studies show that people are regarded as more attractive if they smile more. A bright white smile could attract some attention from a special someone. Nobody likes faded and dull looking teeth. A white smile can make you look younger and is associated with a clean and healthy lifestyle.

3. More Talkative

Knowing that your teeth are beautifully white can encourage you to talk more, carry yourself with confidence and laugh heartily. Through these subtle changes you may find you are more engaged in conversations and that you connect more easily with other people. Not hiding behind your hands or shielding your smile will also change the way people perceive you. All these little differences can result in a major change to your life.

If you’re interested in having whiter teeth, then come and speak to a dentist at Harley Teeth Whitening Clinic in London. You can book a one-to-one free consultation with no obligation to proceed, and if you choose to go ahead with the procedure, then you’ll be skipping home with a whiter smile in just one hour. Experience the life changing benefits of whiter teeth for yourself!

Teeth Whitening in Central London

There are many places to get teeth whitening in London. Not all of them are as reputable as the respected Harley Teeth Whitening. Our Teeth Whitening clinic is a comfortable and modern dental clinic located in the heart of central London.

The best way to get really white teeth is with professional laser teeth whitening but you can also get home teeth whitening kits. Some patients prefer to combine these two methods for really strong results. Anyone with healthy gums can safely have their teeth whitened although pregnant women may wish to read this post first.

If you are searching for teeth whitening in central London then you will find nothing better than our simple three step treatment.

  • Step 1 – Your teeth are cleaned with a preparatory activator then coated with a bleaching agent.
  • Step 2 – We apply a mouth guard then shine a high energy halogen light on your teeth which activates the bleach without damaging your teeth.
  • Step 3 – After exposure to the light for a quarter of an hour, you are free to leave with a whiter smile.

The entire process, including a free consultation, is usually over within an hour, making it a quick and easy solution for your dental beauty concerns. You could even have the whole process done in your lunch break. Get in touch with us through this site to arrange professional teeth whitening in Central London.

Where to Get Laser Teeth Whitening in London

If your teeth have started to show the affects of coffee, red wine and sugar, then you should look for professional laser teeth whitening in London. Laser teeth whitening treatments are much faster and more effective than teeth whitening kits you buy at the chemists. Laser teeth whitening is a very simple and safe procedure which we perform hundreds of times each year.

Our trained dentists use the world’s leading laser teeth whitening technology to achieve lasting results. The procedure is competitively priced and the surgery is conveniently located in central London.

Our patients have left some glowing reviews and always leave smiling with brighter, whiter teeth. Getting laser teeth whitening in London can improve your confidence in social and work situations and generally improve your sense of worth and well-being.

Life is too short to endure grey or discoloured teeth and the social anxiety associated with that condition. Why waste another moment worrying when you can have the problem quickly and easily rectified? Drop in to Harley Teeth Whitening for a free consultation and we can explain the procedure in more detail. If you like the sound of it then you can go ahead and have the treatment right away. You can book your free consultation with a trained dentist through this website.

Head down to the Harley Teeth Whitening clinic and make a change you won’t regret.

Why do I need my teeth whitened?

Simply put – nothing compares to the pizazz of having perfect pearly whites. Teeth whitening can hep with your appearance for job prospects, improve confidence issues or can serve simply a top up on your natural colour.

Our clients are consistently delighted with the outcome and frequently comment on how their new smile has boosted their confidence.

‘I love my new smile! It has totally changed my confidence in the way I look. Thank you all very much.’ Sue Bell

‘Many thanks to Harley Teeth Whitening, I have a perfect white smile and I feel like a movie star! Your clinic was very welcoming and staff very friendly, I felt right at home. All my friends have commented on my teeth and now they all want to have teeth whitening too!’ Dion Johnston

‘I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! For my lovely new smile, I love my new white teeth. I am going to have a great looking smile on wedding day in a few months. The treatment has made such a difference to my confidence too. The customer service that I received was brilliant; all the staff were extremely professional, very friendly and helpful. I can’t fault anything at all. I will gladly recommend your services to all my friends and family.’ Stacey Moore

You can read more of our delighted customers’ reviews on our teeth whitening testimonials page.

Is teeth whitening worth it?

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional value for money for our teeth whitening which is a safe, affordable procedure. Here is just a small selection of our customers who would definitely agree that teeth whitening is worth it!

‘Can’t fault the treatment, it was really good. I knew it would whiten my teeth but, did not know about the additional boost of confidence as I had always been embarrassed of my discoloured teeth.’ Anna Pearse

‘A fantastic service and I am more than delighted with the results. Everything was explained well and good after care advice given. Great value for money and a fab procedure.’ Leena Plaha

‘Start to finish was less than 1 hour, with no charge for a consultation. Very happy with the results, my teeth went 11 shades whiter. I would definitely say I got good value for my money.’ Tim Burton

You can read more of our delighted customers’ reviews on our teeth whitening testimonials page.

How long does teeth whitening last?

We advise that generally, your teeth should retain their newfound whiteness for 18 months to 2 years following your treatment in our clinic. We strongly recommend a continuous treatment programme every 6 months to maintain your perfect, pearly white glow.

Our teeth whitening aftercare page describes in further detail how to look after your teeth following your professional teeth whitening treatment. In a nutshell though, these follow the basic principles of good dental hygiene

  • Don’t smoke, or at least reduce your intake
  • Drink less coffee and tea to avoid staining
  • Choose white wine over read to avoid staining
  • Use regular toothpaste, not “whitening” toothpaste
  • Maintain a good routine of brushing twice daily, plus flossing