does teeth whitening hurt

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

The short answer is no! At Harley Teeth Whitening, the pain free process is performed by an experienced professional. Our qualified professionals use their skills and experience to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Teeth whitening would only hurt if it were performed by an unqualified or inexperienced person at a less reputable clinic.

There are some very rare instances when clients who are prone to everyday tooth sensitivity can experience some mild sensitivity after a teeth whitening treatment. For this reason, if you have sensitive teeth then we recommended you visit your regular dentist for a dental health check up before proceeding.

All of the team at Harley Teeth Whitening have participated in a thorough training programme to ensure the highest proficiency in the cosmetic teeth whitening process. We pride ourselves on a safe, comfortable and effective pain-free service that leaves clients with whiter teeth and winning smiles. The professional clinic with a relaxed atmosphere in the heart of London is a big part of what makes our clients feel at ease. Customers are frequently singing our praises.

Everything was explained to me in detail and I felt totally comfortable during my treatment. Now I have gorgeous white teeth too!’ Tina Raval

Rather than jumping right into the treatment, we offer our customers a free consultation, with no obligation to proceed. During this consultation you can ask any questions you might have and the qualified dental professional will address your concerns and advise you accordingly. You can book a consultation through this site today and arrange for the quick, easy and pain-free procedure to brighten your smile.

Teeth Whitening in Central London

There are many places to get teeth whitening in London. Not all of them are as reputable as the respected Harley Teeth Whitening. Our Teeth Whitening clinic is a comfortable and modern dental clinic located in the heart of central London.

The best way to get really white teeth is with professional laser teeth whitening but you can also get home teeth whitening kits. Some patients prefer to combine these two methods for really strong results. Anyone with healthy gums can safely have their teeth whitened although pregnant women may wish to read this post first.

If you are searching for teeth whitening in central London then you will find nothing better than our simple three step treatment.

  • Step 1 – Your teeth are cleaned with a preparatory activator then coated with a bleaching agent.
  • Step 2 – We apply a mouth guard then shine a high energy halogen light on your teeth which activates the bleach without damaging your teeth.
  • Step 3 – After exposure to the light for a quarter of an hour, you are free to leave with a whiter smile.

The entire process, including a free consultation, is usually over within an hour, making it a quick and easy solution for your dental beauty concerns. You could even have the whole process done in your lunch break. Get in touch with us through this site to arrange professional teeth whitening in Central London.

Where to Get Laser Teeth Whitening in London

If your teeth have started to show the affects of coffee, red wine and sugar, then you should look for professional laser teeth whitening in London. Laser teeth whitening treatments are much faster and more effective than teeth whitening kits you buy at the chemists. Laser teeth whitening is a very simple and safe procedure which we perform hundreds of times each year.

Our trained dentists use the world’s leading laser teeth whitening technology to achieve lasting results. The procedure is competitively priced and the surgery is conveniently located in central London.

Our patients have left some glowing reviews and always leave smiling with brighter, whiter teeth. Getting laser teeth whitening in London can improve your confidence in social and work situations and generally improve your sense of worth and well-being.

Life is too short to endure grey or discoloured teeth and the social anxiety associated with that condition. Why waste another moment worrying when you can have the problem quickly and easily rectified? Drop in to Harley Teeth Whitening for a free consultation and we can explain the procedure in more detail. If you like the sound of it then you can go ahead and have the treatment right away. You can book your free consultation with a trained dentist through this website.

Head down to the Harley Teeth Whitening clinic and make a change you won’t regret.

how much does teeth whitening cost

How Much does Teeth Whitening Cost in London?

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your teeth but must first ask “how much does teeth whitening cost in London?” then you have come to the right place.


First off it is important to understand that as with all things, you get what you pay for. The cost of treatments are based upon a number of factors which include the service provided, who the treatment is being carried out by, the equipment used and the aftercare service. These factors not only impact the price but also the quality of service. When it comes to something as personal and crucial as your dental health, it is unwise to cut corners.


Harley Teeth Whitening prides itself on the highest quality and safest standards possible. You can find out our prices on the cost page. The service is around £199 and is preceded by a free consultation with no obligation to continue. Treatments are usually carried out on the same day as your free consultation for your convenience, but that is up to you.


We use state of the art, modern teeth whitening equipment at our dental clinic so we can guarantee both safety and great, long lasting results. All treatments are carried out at our specially designed and immaculately presented facility based in the heart of central London. You can check out the clinic itself at a free consultation today, just get in touch with the button at the top of this page.


Free Consultation

Laser teeth whitening in London costs £199 at our clinic but you also get a free consultation at Harley Teeth Whitening. If you wish to proceed then you will benefit from pain free, instant results or if you just want the consultation then you pay nothing. The treatments themselves take only about 60 minutes and can immediately follow the consultation so your teeth could be looking shiny and white within an hour.


Avoid The Cheap Option

Laser teeth whitening is obviously more costly than simply buying whitening tooth paste. But these whitening tooth pastes contain abrasive particles which can wear tooth enamel down. The abrasive bits remove layers of stain particles from the teeth making them whiter, but may also damage your teeth in the process. Some kinds of whitening tooth pastes are far less abrasive but are therefore less likely to actually whiten your teeth. Although cheaper than other options, it is clear that you will not easily achieve noticeable results with these kinds of toothpaste.


Laser teeth whitening costs more but provides instant results and does not damage your teeth.