Best Teeth Whitening Dentist in London

There are countless reasons why clients decide to look into teeth whitening, whether it be to brighten their smile, elevate their confidence, or underpin a renewed approach to oral hygiene with a pearly white gleam across their teeth.

Studies suggest that teeth whitening can prove a pertinent and popular way of boosting confidence ahead of a job interview, first date, or other notable occasion – with the search for expert teeth whitening in London and beyond increasing virtually every year. 

But with so many different methods and options available to clients and consumers, from DIY and at-home whitening kits and solutions to professional services and treatments, how do you know which method is right for you? In this blog, we’re sharing our views on the different methods of teeth whitening – and why booking an appointment with Harley Teeth Whitening could be the best investment for the year ahead. 

The different methods of teeth whitening uncovered

Many clients who come to us have already experienced the somewhat unreliable results of a DIY whitening toothpaste or at-home treatment. While some of these treatments available to purchase can brighten teeth to a degree, the results are often muted by the low levels of bleach in these market products – not to mention, they can cause several side effects and adverse reactions following use. These include but are not limited to sensitive teeth, erosion of the teeth’s natural enamel, uneven colouring, and even gum irritation. 

Another option that many clients cite is the use of specific foods and ingredients to whiten their teeth. While there are plenty of articles and blogs out there which highlight the foods that can help to keep teeth clean and healthy, there are no ingredients that guarantee whiter teeth and a brighter smile – making this a good option for teeth maintenance but a poor replacement for proper, professional treatment. 

Moving on to those professional treatments, again there are several ways that dentists can perform a teeth whitening service – however, here at Harley Teeth Whitening, we recognise innovative laser technology as the best and most effective treatment method. This treatment combines the application of a whitening agent with a high-energy Blue Spectrum LED light, which is distributed evenly across the teeth in a series of cycles. Results are instant and, with the right aftercare, can last upwards of 18 months. 

Suffice to say, not only is a professional teeth whitening service a more reliable and durable option for clients of all ages and lifestyles, but it also has the added benefit of providing treatment as part of a dental overhaul. With access to leading innovative laser whitening services, our teeth whitening treatment is incredibly safe and boasts immediate results that will be reflected in your smile as soon as the treatment is complete. 

Here’s what to look for in a reputable service provider, and how to know that you have chosen the right dentist to perform your teeth whitening. 

What to look for in a reputable teeth whitening dentist

There are plenty of reasons why clients choose the Harley Teeth Whitening team for all their dental needs, spanning not just teeth whitening services but the provision of clear braces, hygienist appointments, the fitting and installation of veneers, and more. 

A reputable dentist will offer a consultation prior to your teeth whitening appointment, during which you, as the client, can outline your needs, preferences, and goals – and they will take the time to explain the process and manage your expectations in terms of results. 

Following on from the consultation, you will find that a reputable and well-trained dentist will ensure that your teeth are a good fit for the whitening treatment, discussing your oral hygiene routine and checking that your teeth are not sensitive prior to treatment. Nervous clients will be catered for with extra care, with the aim of a good dentist to ensure that clients and patients are always comfortable. 

Following treatment, and provided that you are happy with your results, another hallmark of a reputable and high-quality teeth whitening dentist is attention to aftercare. Here at Harley Teeth Whitening, we dedicate a portion of both the consultation and treatment appointment to discussing aftercare, ensuring that clients are fully aware of how long whitening results last and how important their own oral hygiene is in protecting their newly whitened smile. 

Finally, a reputable teeth whitening dentist will present excellent reviews from their past clients and will be only too happy to direct you towards the experiences of the clients whose smiles they have helped to brighten over the years. Visit the reviews page on our website to read just some of the experiences and outcomes that our London clients have enjoyed.

The benefits of teeth whitening in London

With that said, and with professional teeth whitening a no-brainer when it comes to both the longevity and quality of results, as well as how safe the treatment is for your teeth and overall oral hygiene, what exactly are the benefits of investing in this treatment?

Confidence is something we keep coming back to, and for good reason. Clients who visit us for a professional whitening walk away with brighter, bigger smiles – citing the efficiency of the treatment itself, the incredible value, and how quickly they saw results. 

This is because having a smile to be proud of makes us feel more confident and can make us better communicators as a result – smiling more, and thus coming across in a more positive way to others. This can have a positive impact socially and professionally, and is one of the reasons why so many clients come to us ahead of interviews, big meetings or work events, or social interactions, such as first dates and weddings. 

If teeth whitening is something that you are considering or want to find out more about, here at Harley Teeth Whitening in London, we combine a high-quality and relaxing environment with highly potent and efficient results – unrivalled by our local competitors. Get in touch with us to book your initial consultation and to get the ball rolling on your new and improved smile.