My 1st visit today at Harley teeth whitening . outstanding service from start to finish very professional and polite . Thank you ...
ian maxfadyen
Saturday, September 8, 2018
I had considered a few clinics including this one. Initially i found the website was the most informative/easy to understand and customer service on the phone really helpful in answering the few questions i had. Service at reception was warm and efficient and treatment followed suite with great results and most imporatantly no pain!!. Cant fault it and i guess you get what you pay for. Thank you and i would highly recommend this place.
Herschel Zimmermann
Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Our Mission


At the Harley Teeth Whitening clinic, we enjoy a pristine reputation for providing one of the best cosmetic teeth whitening treatments in London.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to creating beautiful, white smiles. Our mission is to maintain our position as a leading providers of teeth whitening in London, delivering a high-quality product and service to our customers.

Our aim is to deliver the best service in innovative laser teeth whitening. The light-accelerated bleaching technology we use gives an instant and long-lasting result. Get pearly white perfection for a fraction of the Harley cost, and quickly too with our same day treatments.

Our Practice Manager and receptionists work together to deliver the professional teeth whitening and exceptional care to each and every one of our clients.

Luxury Teeth Whitening in London at Harley Teeth Whitening

Straight teeth are one thing, but nothing compares to the pizzazz of having the perfect pearly whites. Our teeth undergo a lot of hardship from our modern eating habits, with all the red wine, tea and coffee staining you may subject them to every day. Stained teeth are nothing to be ashamed of, but they are also very easy to fix with our special whitening agent and Blue Spectrum LED light service.

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Special Occasion

Brides and grooms, pay attention! The photos that will be taken on your special day will last a lifetime, so make sure that the background fairy lights aren’t the most radiant objects in your pictures; achieve your sparkling pearly whites with our laser teeth whitening in London before your big day.

Although a special occasion can be a good excuse to get your teeth whitened, the effects can still be enjoyed for approximately 18-24 months afterwards. That’s just 60 minutes spent in our teeth whitening clinic in London for 18 months of beautiful teeth, and your teeth whitening could last even longer if you use the appropriate aftercare.

Whether you’re wanting teeth whitening for job prospects, a confidence boost or simply a top-up on your natural colour, Harley Teeth Whitening in London is the right answer to put a bright smile on your face today.


Our Clinic

We Offer a FREE Consultation

To help get you informed about the teeth whitening process, as well as discuss your desired results, we offer free consultations to help you to better understand our process, and the realistic gains you can expect to achieve from the laser treatment.

As one of London’s leading teeth whitening companies, Harley Teeth Whitening employ highly qualified professionals whom are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best customer service and leave our clinic with a perfect smile. Here at Harley Teeth Whitening, our team of GDC registered dentists are committed to ensuring that you get the best possible experience and results.

Enquire Today for Teeth Whitening in London

Don’t settle for time-consuming home whitening kits or the promises of whitening toothpaste which leave much to be desired. With a simple one-hour session at our teeth whitening clinic in London, you’ll go home beaming, literally, with the satisfaction of having had five-star treatment.

Don’t hesitate to book your FREE consultation at Harley Teeth Whitening today. For more information about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone on 020 7724 1646 or by filling out and submitting your query using our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.